Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Community Forum with Father Frank Brennan


A Community Forum with Father Frank Brennan, social justice advocate, professor of law and author.
Thursday May 19 at 6.30pm.
Frank Brennan has long challenged our supposedly Christian government’s treatment of asylum seekers asking "Is our morality at sea with the refugees?"
There are currently about 60 million people displaced by war – the biggest humanitarian disaster since World War II.
Australia must stop breaching the human rights of Asylum Seekers and offer sanctuary to more refugees. Brennan believes that behind all the legal technicalities and political argument about boat people, there is room for deeper ethical reflection and a more principled proposal.
Community members are invited to hear Father Frank Brennan address these issues and to participate in a Q&A session.
Refreshments will be provided.
Thursday May 19 at 6.30 pm, presented by the Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group, the forum is at Hastings Secondary College (formerly Port Macquarie High School) in Owen St Port Macquarie. Tickets $20; $10 concession. 
Doors open a 6 for a 6.30 start.