Friday, February 22, 2019

T-shirts by Kurdish artist available for sale

Farhad Bandesh is a Kurdish artist - a refugee imprisoned on Manus Island by the Australian Government for nearly six years.
This is an opportunity to buy an awesome t-shirt, support art and an artist directly, and raise awareness about this important issue.
Farhad’s artistic talents include being a guitar maker, singer, musician, painter and poet.
100% of money raised goes directly to this artist to continue practicing art.
It is inspiring to see how he continues to produce art whilst imprisoned in such harsh conditions on Manus Island where sourcing materials to practice art is really difficult.
The t-shirts have just been printed and are available now!
The Mid North Coast Refugee Support Group Inc is arranging a bulk order at a discounted rate.
Our price: $30 each plus $5 postage and handling.
Here's the order form - T-shirts by Farhad Bandesh order form
Orders must be received by Sunday 10 March 2019.
T-shirts are 100% Australian made - they are not made in sweatshops; we refuse to use child labour or any exploitation of workers. Thank you to Troppo Prints in Brunswick, Melbourne for their amazing print work.